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Alessandro BeltrameAlessandro Beltrame, a High School Science Diploma with further computing and electrical knowledge, Managing Director of the video production company AGB.

Hobbies which have been incorporated in his work are his passions for mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, potholing, trekking and mountain biking, as well as scuba diving and mountain skiing.
A specialised cameraman and producer, he has a profound knowledge of digital and post production systems, as well as Internet web design.

For the past 6 years, he has been a member of an association for geographical exploration (Esplorazione Geografiche La Venta), for whom he made a documentary on the Patagonia glaciers.

As of this moment, he has made more than 100 productions for institutions and national and international TV channels, including documentaries which have taken him to numerous sites throughout Europe, Australia, the USA, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Chile, Mongolia, Brazil, Patagonia, Bolivia, Nepal, the Amazon and Africa.

As a producer and director, he has created a series of multimedia DVDs on the world outdoors. He has also produced a series of adventure television programmes, shown on Sky satellite stations and the national Italian television channels RAI and Mediaset.
Italian National Television Broadcast Sub Video Service for N12 Scuba Shot

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